New Six-Week Prenatal Yoga Series: Thursdays 6:30-7:45pm starts October 30, 2014 at Vista Yoga. Have you registered yet?

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A pregnant woman goes through enormous physical and emotional changes – gearing up for labor, delivery and becoming a mother. This is truly a mind/body experience. Practicing yoga helps prepare you for the journey ahead, building strength and stamina, increasing confidence, and expanding your awareness of your body.   This self-knowledge gives you a better grasp on comfort measures for child-birth and the ability to breathe with intense sensation.

Classes begin with an opportunity to connect with other pregnant women, creating a sense of shared experience and community. Where better than in yoga class can you tap into the group energy while maintaining an inner focus.  Both resources will serve you as you move through your pregnancy, and your birth as a mother.

Each class will include centering and breath work (pranayama), stretching, strengthening, and balancing postures (asanas), and relaxation.  Centering allows you to reconnect with your breath and your baby, and still your mind for a little while.  We’ll explore pranayama you can use during labor to induce calm through your contractions and help you manage pain. Our asana practice will help you build strength and stability, and identify areas of openness and restriction.  We’ll address common complaints resulting from your changing posture, and improve balance and alignment. After a thorough investigation of the many ways the pregnant body can flow through space, you’ll relax and integrate, getting you ready to step off the mat. Come away with skills to increase your comfort at home, in bed and at work as you move toward the birth of your baby.

This class is suitable for all levels.  No previous experience with yoga is necessary.