A Special Prenatal Workshop at Vista Yoga

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September 7, 2014  3pm-6pm

The journey to motherhood requires energy, courage and a strong sense of self. This experiential program explores the emotions, perceptions and enormous changes a woman experiences in her childbearing years. Join Shaconna Haley, Prenatal & Birth Doula, and Rebecca Leary Safon, Prenatal Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist, as they guide you through an intimate exploration of body/breath/mind. During this session, you will begin to explore the impressions and experiences that define perception of your body, gearing up for labor, delivery and becoming a mother.


Through a series of techniques, including breath work, discussion, yoga flows and guided meditation, Shaconna and Rebecca will guide you from resistance to resilience, establishing the principles of authenticity, trust and self-care. In a community of women, create a mind-body connection to facilitate healing, birth and continued wellness throughout womanhood.