Yoga Instruction (individual or small group)

In my office or your home, I will lead you through a customized yoga practice (vinyasa or therapeutic), providing personalized adjustment/support and integration of therapeutic benefits of yoga to address your needs.

Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Instruction

Private instruction offers personal care for your changing body. I will identify specific yoga poses to address your needs, and work with you on your practice to explore areas of strength and weakness, flexibility and restricted mobility.

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Prenatal Couples Yoga and Childbirth Classes & Workshops

Yoga-Born is an innovative six-class childbirth preparation series that integrates yoga with current information about labor and birth in an interactive, open-minded, fun and relaxing environment.  Yoga-Born is intended for everyone and is conducted in small intimate groups, allowing for individualized instruction as needed.  No other class gives you the benefit of a complete childbirth education course while practicing the art of yoga, breath-work and meditation in preparation for this amazing time for you and your partner. Also available as a 3-hour workshop or individual classes.

Yoga-Born will teach you and your birth partner:

  • Tools for building strength, energy and flexibility during pregnancy using the ancient art of yoga
  • Partner yoga and massage to manage pain during labor
  • Breathing techniques, breath awareness, and relaxation strategies
  • How to create a bond between each other, and your unborn child
  • Optimal labor and birthing positions
  • Signs of early labor and the stages of labor from start to finish
  • How your body changes during pregnancy through each trimester
  • Tips for coping with and minimizing common pregnancy discomforts
  • Review of all options for pain relief during labor
  • What to expect if the unexpected happens (cesarean birth, inductions, medical interventions, etc.)

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